Riva del Sole - Resort & Spa Riva del Sole - Resort & Spa
General booking conditions

Based on the accommodation category (Hotel or Residence) and the chosen period, the booking conditions regarding the deposit/pre-authorization and the balances are the same as those indicated in the confirmation letter, accepted by the customer by sending the credit for the pre-authorization and/or sending of the confirmatory deposit. These conditions are binding.

The General Conditions above apply to any booking or stay made at Riva Del Sole Resort & Spa, by any means that the relevant booking has been made and in whatever form the arrangements for the stay have been completed.

For each stay, the applicable General Conditions are those valid on the date of confirmation of the respective reservation or, in the absence of reservation, on the date of confirmation of the stay.

  1. Booking conditions

The customer declares to accept these General Conditions with the payment of the deposit.
In case of stays not preceded by bookings, the customer declares to accept these General Conditions with the check-in.
Acceptance of these General Conditions is intended by the customer for himself and for all other guests who will benefit from the stay.

  1. Finalization of the contract

The contract between the client and Riva Del Sole Resort & Spa is finalized at the time of acceptance of the client’s reservation by Riva Del Sole Resort & Spa. The reservation is accepted by sending the customer a confirmation by Riva Del Sole Resort & Spa. The finalization of the contract depends on the correct payment of the deposit.
For stays not preceded by a reservation, the contract will be valid upon check-in.

  1. Rights and obligations of the customer and the guest

With the finalization of the contract, the customer and its guests acquire the right to use the premises subject to contract, the common facilities of the resort, made available to guests without specific conditions, and the use of the services of the structure, under the relevant conditions. The guest undertakes to observe and respect the relevant internal regulations in force and to behave in respect of the imposed rules.

  1. Applicable law - exclusive jurisdiction

The contract is governed by Italian law.
Any dispute relating to the contract, stay at the resort or in any case related to them is devolved to the sole jurisdiction of the Court of Grosseto, except in cases of mandatory jurisdiction by law.