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Green Philosophy

Eco-sustainability and Environment

Nature is our heritage, our mission is a global environmental protection paired with eco-sustainability, a philosophy inherited from the Scandinavians, real forerunners in this field. To raise awareness among our guests we have written an eco-friendly regulation based on the 3 "R" Reduce Recycle, Reuse, with the aim to promote and respect nature. Therefore, we are very strict regarding the wastage of water and environmental pollution, and we gave a green light to energy savings, waste reduction and collection, we in Riva del Sole promote the use of bicycles and the electric cars in respect for the environment.

Waste Management

At Riva del Sole everything is under the banner of "Green", a correct supply of stock and resources, the use of solar panels and the reduction of carbon impact, makes it all eco-friendly. Waste management is also in line with the philosophy of the environmental protection, we have an ecological island for proper recycling, from cooking oils to office materials, collected, recycled and disposed of. We also have a distinct green wastage area with storage and disposals, furthermore we use almost everywhere energy-saving led lamps. To get around, we use electric golf cars, our vans are electric and the courtesy car supplied by the hotel is also electric.

Welfare & Benefits

Riva del Sole is also at the vanguard of welfare and personnel benefits. We implemented a performance bonus as well as a supplementary health care benefit, for “seasonal temporary” workers, this has been implemented since 2016. A true innovation, as we are the first Italian company in the tourism sector to recognize and implement these welfare systems for our employees. Management and trade unions have signed agreements covering important topics such as professional safety, flexibility and productivity bonuses. Seasonal workers get their bonus at the end of their employment contract, while for the permanent employees it’s paid in correspondence with the settlement of the payment timetable for the month of December. The benefits, are related to the achievement of the objectives set by Riva del Sole, according to the requirements of productivity and organizational efficiency. The award is aimed to always achieve great levels of competitiveness through the involvement of the human resources.